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 Here's What You Will Learn During Your 6 Days With Us on The Beginner Mountaineering Skills Course


Safe Travel & Protection Techniques for Snow and Ice Terrain.

  • ​Ice Axe Technique
  • Cramponing Technique
  • Self-Arrest Technique
  • Snow and Ice Anchors
  • Skills for Glacier Travel
  • Reading Crevasses & Glacier Morphology
  • Hazard ID in Glaciated Terrain
  • Route Plans for Glaciated Terrain
  • Roping up for Glacier Travel
  • Crevasse Rescue
  • Alpine Ice Climbing Techniques



Designing Effective Route Plans
Introduction to Navigational Tools including:

  • GPS Units
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Topographical Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Resections (Triangulation)
  • Bearings from the Map
  • Sighting Bearings in the Field
  • Following a Bearing while roped up for Glacier Travel
  • Whiteout Navigation Plans


Introduction to Accident and Emergency Response

  • Evacuation Techniques
  • Resources for Rescue


Safe Travel & Protection Techniques for Alpine Rock Terrain

  • Shortroping Principles
  • Traditional Rock Protection Strategies
  • Rock & Natural Feature Anchor Construction
  • Rappelling Systems & Backups
  • Other Descent Techniques