Trip Logistics - Sir Donald NW Ridge

Day 1


After meeting your Guide you will travel to Rogers Pass in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, where the trip will begin. We will aim to arrive late morning or early afternoon, leaving enough time to hike in to the bivouac site below the peak. Leaving the parking lot at the Illecillewaet Campground we hike through the towering hemlocks following the trail leading to Perley Rock. Around treeline the trail splits as we begin to climb up beneath the west face of the peak. On average, between 2 - 5 hours of hiking will deposit us in the lush, green alpine meadow at our bivouac site. 


Your guide will prepare dinner, make lunches and help you to pack for the following day's ascent before you bed down in your tent for the evening.


Day 2


Your Guide will wake you with breakfast and hot drinks just before sunrise. You will be aiming to start the more technical climbing at first light, which means you will be starting your day in the glow of your headlamp. Ascent times vary depending on our guests abilities and the conditions on route, but you should expect to be on the move for a full day. After the climb we'll descend back to the biviouac site, pack up our remaining gear and make the descent back to the valley floor and the end of the trip.


Due to the length of the day, we also provide accommodation in the town of Golden, just east of Glacier National Park should our guests not want to make the often long drive home, at the end of their day on the peak. Handshakes and highfives and it's on to your next adventure!