Trip Logistics - Mount Assiniboine Ascent

General Trip Itinerary & Logistics


First Day

We meet at 9:45am for a welcome, to discuss the program, sign waivers and distribute and check through the groups gear and food. At 11:00am we will check in to the Alpine Helicopters heliport - Click Here For Helicopter Logistics and Info - and prepare for our flight into Mount Assiniboine Lodge. 


Once we land at Mount Assiniboine Lodge we will collect our gear and begin the short hike around Lake Magog to the bottom of the approach route to the R.C. Hind Hut, known as the Gmoser Highway. This approach will take on average 2-3 hours and brings us to the hut, typically, just before the dinner hour. The Gmoser Highway approach to the hut is semi-technical and the use of ropes harnesses and protections systems will all be employed by your guide. A great warm up for the difficulties to come in the following days.


Summit & Climbing Days


The ascent of Mount Assiniboine is often a big day. We aim to be at the base of the peak by first light and occasionally earlier depending on the time of year. Much of the bottom half of our route is 4th class, weaving in and around small difficulties. 1 short band in the middle of the peak provides the first crux, while the bulk of the difficulties lay on the upper mountain near the summit block. An average, an ascent will take between 10-12 hours. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, the following day will allow for either a subsequent attempt, or a 2nd objective to be climbed in the area.


Last Day


The objective on our last day is to decend from the Hind Hut, reversing the Gmoser Highway and returning to the Mount Assiniboine Lodge. Our Alpine Helicopters flight will meet us here, where we will make the return flight back to the Heliport in Canmore. Commonly our timing allows for a mid afternoon return to base in Canmore.