Trip Logistics - Eisenhower Tower, Castle Mountain

Ascent Day:


You'll meet your Guide in Banff or at the Castle Mountain Resort, depending on the direction from which you are arriving, between 3:45am and 5:00am location dependant.


After a welcome, discussion on weather - conditions - objective related hazard, we'll present the waivers for you to sign shoulder our packs and start the approach. The day begins by approaching as for Rockbound Lake located to the north of the peak. This tail is followed for approximately 45min. to a natural spring that flows across our approach just ahead of the towers now almost directly overhead. We leave the Rockbound trail and trend south to the ridgeline that attaches itslef to the lower teir of the peak. This is the start of the action.


We don the technical climbing gear and short rope our way entirely through the first tier of the peak (4th class). A short walk over the goat plateau brings us to the base of the main tower. From here a number of options to start are possible and which of these we choose will largely depend on the overall timing on the day as well as the technical rock climbing experience our guests possess on the day.


The main tower can take 3-4 hours return from the Goat Plateau, consistently transitioning between 4th class and low end 5th class terrain to 5.3. The summit is reached a little more than 5000ft after having left the valley floor.


On top the views to the west are breathtaking with Mount Temple and most of the Ten Peaks in full view. 180˚ in the oposite direction the Bow Valley unfolds to the east and views all the way back to Banff and Mount Rundle are outstanding.


Our aim is to return to Banff or Lake Louise by the dinner time hour.


Alternate 2 Day Program:


If you would prefer to break up the ascent into 2 days, which some of our guests do elect to do, an overnight stay at the Castle Mountain Bivi Hut is possible the night before the ascent of the main tower. 


For this program we charge an additional base surcharge of $375.00 + related expenses. Please contact us if you would like more information about this 2 day program option.