Trip Logistics - The Bugaboos

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Day 1: 

We use the first day to approach our accomodations at either the Conrad Kain Hut or the Applebee Campground. This approach my start from town, and involve a few hours of driving to access the area. Medium clearance vehicles in good repair are an asset for the drive in the logging roads that we use to access the area. Depending on the motivation of the group, there may be time to climb a short route in the Crescent Basin, or work cover a review of essential skills before the end of the first day. Your Guide will work with you on this to make the most of your first day in the area.


Day 2:

Depending on the length of your trip, the big objectives start on Day 2, weather permitting. From Day 2 up until the last day of your trip, we pack in as much high alpine granite as we can get our hands on. Even on days where the weather is inclement, the Bugaboos are home to a number of quality general mountaineering objectives that help round out even the bad weather days. It's a known fact however that we provide the best weather to our clients on such a consistent basis, that we'll likely be out on the big routes all week long!


Last Day:

Again, depending on group motivation and weather, there may be time to climb a route in the Crescent Basin before descending back to the vehicles. Energy levels and weather forecasts will play a role in dertermining the length and complexity of the route we choose, but you can expect to get out and climb somthing before we descend back to the valley bottom on our last day. We generally try to allow sufficient time in the day to return to the town departed from at the start of the trip, so that you can make a safe and only semi-tired drive back to your hotel!