Trip Logistics and Information - Golden Alpine Holidays


Read Carefully - Important info regarding the booking of any GAH Program with Cloud Nine Guides.




Meeting time and location: 
GAH Offices @ 105 - 806 9th Street North. Golden, British Columbia. 7:00AM Mountain Standard Time, on the start date of your week with us. After signing waivers, and initial introductions and agenda have finished, you/we will be required to arrive at the helicopter staging area no later than 8:15am. You can find a map showing you how to access and travel to the helicopter staging area here.


Waiver of Liability Document / Contract:
You will be required to sign a waiver from both Cloud Nine Guides as well as GAH prior to departure on this program


The Night Prior to Your Trip:

We reccomend that you stay in Golden, BC the night before your trip to help ensure you do not miss the inbound helicopter flight on our first day.


Inbound Flight information:

Please arrive on time at the location above, at the time noted above. Given the use of helicopters to access the lodge we work on their schedule and will need to be ready when they are. We cannot wait for those who are late or behind schedule given the substantial costs incurred related to our use of helicopter access service. No refunds or credits will be given for those unable to make the timings outlined here. After our meeting in Golden, we will transport to the GAH Staging Facility. If you are bringing your personal vehicle please let us know and be sure not to leave any valuables inside as your vehicle will be parked roadside along the Trans Canada Highway for the duration of our trip. If you would like us to provide your transportation for you we will need to know when you book your week, so that we can book the appropriate services for you.


Outbound Flight Information:

You will be required on our last day to be ready to depart the lodge at 9:00am MST.


Baggage and Extra Gear:

You will be given a weight allowance of 30lbs / person with shold allow for all of your personal gear including skis, poles, boots. GAH will employ the use of a weight scale and you will be billed additional fees for overwieght baggage. Oversized luggage will not be permitted on board the helicopter, please pack your personal gear and items in small to medium sized duffle bags if possible.



The GAH lodges are not licensed to sell liquor. You can bring your own alcohol, however please do not bring glass containers as it adds uneeded weight to our flights in and out. Please choose canned beer, boxed or tetra pack wine, or mini kegs which can be crushed.


Linens and Bedding:

Golden Alpine Holidays provides all clean bedding, linens and pillows including pillow covers. Please bring your own towel. Sleeping bags are not required.


What To Bring - Your Trip Gear Checklist:

GAH provides the following as a suggested gear list for our week. Please note that we will provide the use of Avalanche Rescue Equipment at your request. Your guides will have a spare set of skis, as well as a repair kit to deal with most issues. Please feel free to bring your own repair kit, items are suggested on this list. Also, please feel free to fly in a set of warm winter boots for use outside the hut. You can view the GAH suggested packing list here.


Companion Rescue Equipment & Avalanche Terrain:

Most, if not all of the trip will take place in avalanche terrain. Guests will be expected to wear and pack as directed by your guide the appropriate avalanche rescue equipment. This will include at minimum, tranciever, shovel and probe. Each guest will be provided with a VHF/UHF radio for communication with both rescue teams and their guide in the event of an emergency.


Skis and Splitboards:

"Fat" skis for both Alpine Touring and Telemark skiers  are recommended in the Esplanades since the snow can be very deep and light. The optimal ski flex should be relatively soft between tip and tail. Newer "rocker" shapes have been highly effective. Snowboarders are encourged to only use splitboards in the mountain range. Showshoes will not be allowed for access or travel on our trips.



Alpine Touring bindings must be in good shape and properly adjusted to your boots. Dynafit type light weight bindings are most commonly used. Ski brakes have been proven to be helpful in reducing runaway ski or board incidents. Adaptations to existing downhill bindings  are not acceptable. Safety Straps are not appropriate for backcountry skiing. The use of quick release tabs or straps on splitboard bindings are highly encouraged.



Boots are the most important gear for back country skiing.  Please take the time to make sure that they are fitted properly, and poor fitting boots can make or break a trip. Boots should be purpose built for ski touring and be equally effective traveling up in the skin track as they are skiing down. Take the time to find a boot that does both well, many boots on the market today will qualify.



Telescoping poles are preferable. Downhill poles are a reliable alternative but for optimal performance make sure that your ski pole has a powder basket.



Climbing skins should cover the entire running surface of your skis for maximum efficiency. There are numerous options available, however we prefer a 50/50 synthetic and mohair blend. These skins have excellent glide in transitional skin tracks, and overall very good durability.


Additional Safety Gear - Spots Devices, PLBs etc:

DO NOT bring dual frequencies beacons or transmitters.  Ensure that you bring fresh batteries. Make sure that you are familiar with the operational features of your beacon or transmitter. Probe poles are not a suitable substitute. A quality First Aid Kit is highly recommended and can be carried if you choose to. Your guides will have enough first aid supplies for the entire group during the day trips, and the lodge is well equiped with both first aid supplies and rescue equipment. Spot devices and PLB's are acceptable, however each guest will be provided with VHF/UHF radios, which are more effective communication tools than personal locator type devices. The group will also have sattelite phone communicatons as well as internet access for the duration of the trip.