Trip Logistics - Abbott Pass Alpine

Day 1


We meet for introductions in Lake Louise, take care of any last minute logistical requirements, and review the waivers early in the morning. We then shuttle to the Lake O'Hara parking lot where we're transported by bus, 11km up to Lake O'Hara itself. From the shores of Lake O'Hara, we follow trails cobbled in quartzite to Lake Oesa. Mount Lefroy is visible here and standing tall overhead. Beyond Lake Oesa we leave the well maintained trail systems at O'Hara behind and begin to ascend the Abbott Pass Alpine Route through talus and scree to the hut. Day 1 is often a shorter day for most parties, and gives guests a chance to rest and relax at the hut prior to the the peak ascent on Day 2.


Day 2


From the hut, we will ascend either Mount Victoria or Lefroy. Mount Huber is also an option for the day, combining it with an ascent of Victoria. Huber will be condition and timing dependant and this can be discussed with your guide while at the hut. At the end of the days climbing we return to the Hut for a great dinner and our second night stay.


Day 3


From the hut, again we will ascend aiming for the remaing peak(s) to climb. Descent options from the hut will be either to return the same way we ascended on Day 1 or to return to Lake O'Hara via the Huber ledges, a series of small glaciers and 4th class quartzite ledges to Wiwaxy Gap and then on down to Lake O'Hara. A descent down the Huber ledges may better facilitate an ascent of Mount Huber, however this will be left to the discretion of your guide during your trip. Once down at O'Hara, we catch a late afternoon bus down to our vehicles for the end of the program.