The Summits! Abbott Pass Alpine

Here's a Collection Of The Peaks We'll Climb On The Abbott Pass Alpine Trip



Mount Victoria - 3463m

When still holding the previous winters snows, climbing the South East ridge of Victoria can involve weaving in and out of cornices still overhanging the east face, interspersed with short sections of 4th class travel over rock. Later in the season as the snows melt and the cornices begin to disappear, the sections of 4th class rock travel lengthen, and sections of grey alpine ice start to appear from under the snow. Climbing is never too difficult technically, however we coach our guests during and prior to the ascent as to how best to manage the feeling of exposure the peak almost always provides.


Mount Lefroy - 3423m

A classic climb up the West Face rising up from the hut gives us access to the stunning summit ridge and a short traverse to a picture perfect summit. Making the ascent on Day 3, facilitates an easier descent in that afternoon back to Lake O'Hara.

When the previous winter's snow on the West Face have transitioned to firn, this is often the best time for an ascent.

Given the recesion of ice from the summit ridge, rockfall is becoming more of a concern with each passing season. With snow present, this locks loose rock in place and the rockfall hazard from the summit ridge overhead, is minimized. These conditions make it more reasonable to be climbing on the peak with other parties as well, a real consideration given the popularity of the route. 
With late season conditions, climbing the peak safely and in good style requires a good overnight freeze and often to be almost alone on the face. 


Mount Huber - 3358m

The North-East ridge can be combined with an ascent of Mount Victoria or a descent on the last day to Lake O'Hara via the Huber Ledges. Nomally this requires quick travel conditions and a higher level of fitness. Your guide will discuss this with you as an option while you are at the hut.