Sorcerer Lodge Trips - Required Equipment

You will require the following equipment for your trip with Cloud Nine Guides to Sorcerer Lodge:

Items in blue are available from Cloud Nine Guides on request.


Daily Gear & Equipment

  • Skis or Splitboard
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Skins
  • Camera / Spare Battery
  • Avalanche Tranciever

  • Avalanche Shovel (metal only please)

  • Avalanche Probe

  • Lightweight Harness

  • Carabiners (1 locking, 1 non-locking -or- 1 tri-action locking carabiner)

  • Ice Axe - Short and Light are ideal

  • Ski Crampons fit to your skis or board in split mode
  • Lightweight Aluminum Boot Crampons, fit to your boots

  • Headlamp with fresh batteries + spares
  • Thermos ~750ml
  • Daypack ~30L is ideal
  • Water Bottle ~1L
  • Sunglasses - Good coverage and dark are ideal
  • Goggles


Personal First Aid and Blister Prevention

  • Roll of white athletic tape
  • Band Aids
  • Tensor Bandage
  • SPF 60+ Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm with SPF
  • Personal Medications
  • Blister Prevention (Padded & Medicated Gel Type Bandages, Hypafix, Leukotape)
  • Anti Inflamitories
  • Antihistamines


Clothing Systems

  • Wool or Synthetic base layers - top and bottom (multiple pairs is ok, usually around 150-200g/m2 in weight is ideal)
  • Midweight Layers - synthetic or wool is fine
  • Warm Hat / Toque
  • Buff Style Headwear / Neck Tube
  • Sunhat
  • Soft Shell Pants
  • Soft Shell Jacket
  • Gore Tex Pants
  • Gore Tex Jacket
  • Warm Insulated Jacket - down, or synthetic insulation is best. Think light and packable.
  • Warm Ski Gloves
  • Lightweight Ski Gloves
  • Socks - wool blend is best, no cotton, multiple pairs
  • Casual Clothing for apres ski 
  • Sauna attire
  • Lodge Shoes / Footwear
  • Winter Boots (optional)


A Note on Rental Equipment

If you are planning to rent skis or splitboard, it is imparitive that you test the fit of the boots and skins to the boards for proper fit yourself. It is not uncommon that rental shops will either mis-match your skins and skis/board and/or not set your DIN for you on your bindings. Please ensure you equipment is good to go before flying into the lodge. If you would like our guides to look over this with you prior to our helicopter flights to the lodge, just ask. We're happy to help and take a look.


Rental Shops We Like:

Wilson Mountain Sports - Lake Louise
The staff in this shop is outstanding. They are easy going, personable, and know their stuff. They also happen to have one of the most outstanding selection of powder skiing / splitboard rentals available anywhere. Tell them your a friend of Cloud Nine and ask for a 10% discount on your rental package for your Sorcerer Lodge Trip at Cloud Nine Guides.


Phone: +1 866-929-3636