Sorcerer Lodge Trips - Logistics Information


The following logistical information will help you plan your trip to Sorcerer Lodge with us here at Cloud Nine Guides, as well as get organized for departure immediately prior to your week.


You will be required to complete and sign a waiver from both Cloud Nine Guides Inc, as well as Sorcerer Lodge prior to departing for your week with us. You don't need to print it off, or fill it out as we will provide them for you when you arrive. Legally, we are required to provide these before the trip so that you can read and review their contents ahead of time so that if you disagree or have any questions relating to the document appropriate time is allowed prior to your trip to do so.


We ask that people arrive in Golden Saturday night prior to your trip. In the winter, highways into Golden are often closed due to avalanche hazard, road conditions and accidents. We meet very early Sunday morning and planning to arrive the day of your trip is extremely risky. Golden isn’t close to anywhere, so you’d be on the road very, very early... in the dark, in the winter.  Although we certainly CAN get you up to the lodge at a later time if you miss your helicopter flight, it will be an additional expense for you and you will most likely miss at least one day of skiing. We plan a Saturday night meeting place (generally the Kicking Horse River Lodge at 8:00 pm) to clear up any questions about the timing or the trip and it helps flight day to go smoothly if people make it to the meeting.  Please feel free to call us as well. 


Please note that Sorcerer does not have internet access. This is a choice on the part of the owner. They are protecting us from ourselves up there and keeping technology away from this unspoiled part of the world.


Saturday Night - Your Evening Before Departure

Kicking Horse River Hostel is a great place to stay. They can handle a group with room rates that vary from around $35/night to way more than you’d want to pay. Sorcerer Lodge & Cloud Nine Guides customers get a discount. It’s a nice timber frame building on the Kicking Horse River. Since we meet here Saturday night and breakfast is here Sunday morning, it’s the most convenient place.   1-250-439-1112. Glacier Park Lodge has been closed so expect the hotels and hostels in Golden to book up sooner than usual. I would suggest organizing this early.



We will meet the group Sat night at Kicking Horse River Lodge 8pm sharp to sign waivers, go over the last minute details and discuss the next day’s flight plans.  Remember that we are on Mountain Standard Time! That’s Alberta time to some people, despite the fact that we really are in B.C. (you will become very aware of that when you pay for your gas and alcohol). The time change almost always catches someone by surprise if they are coming from the west. 


Sunday - Flight Day & Departures to Sorcerer Lodge

Breakfast will be available at 6:00 am at the Kicking Horse River Lodge. A shuttle service is provided for transportation to staging. It leaves from the River Lodge around 7:00. Our staging area is located at Heather Mountain Lodge, a 45 min drive (53km) West of Golden.  Upon arrival at Heather Mountain Lodge we will need to quickly and efficiently unload our gear at the Heli pad and park any vehicles.  The Heli safety talk will happen prior to any flights leaving staging.


Packing & Misc

We do not provide any alcoholic beverages, however you are welcome to bring some along with you.  Bring beer in cans (sorry – but if you need recommendations, there ARE some good ones out there). Small kegs are fine – no giants.  We warn folks that alcohol spoils with loss of elevation so we are reluctant to fly much OUT of the range. So think about how much you take in.


Pack your effects directly into your daypack and a small – medium duffle bag, 60 litres max. Please avoid using the large duffle bags/packs, anything with wheels or hard sides, as they are awkward to handle and difficult to load into the helicopter.


NO COOLERS, they are difficult and an inefficient use of space in the helicopter.  They aren’t necessary in the winter anyway as we have cold storage for the food up at the lodge. Sleeping bags are not necessary as we supply all linen and quilts. (BRING TOWELS) Skis are best left loose (not in bags). Make sure that all boxes come with lids and are taped closed.  Shovels should be loose outside your pack if they don’t completely fit inside with the hard edges all covered. Ice axes are left loose and will go in the ski basket for transport. Please don’t attach them to your pack. They can punch holes in the thin skin of the helicopter’s cargo areas.  People are advised to dress for skiing when they get on the helicopter. You should have your ski boots on and all other footwear packed safely in your bags for the flight in.  It’s too easy to loose a single boot in all the powder that will be blowing around. 


Please be aware that helicopter costs and your trip cost has a budgeted gear allowance of 40lb/guest. Weighing more than this will incur an overweight cost dictated to us by the lodge or helicopter company. Guests will be responsible for paying for any overweight fees they incur.


A 50% ($1200.00 CDN), non refundable deposit, is required to secure you seat on our Sorcerer Lodge weeks with us at Cloud Nine Guides. The remainder outstanding will be due usually in the fall season ahead of your week with us in the approaching winter season. The date of the second payment will be outlined by our office when you make your booking and pay the deposit amount.



Deposits are 100% non-refundable. Once your remaining outstanding balace is paid, it will only be refundable if we are able to re-sell your seat to another interested party, at which time a refund will be issued congruent to the amount paid by the party replacing you on the trip. No refunds will be given inside 30 days from the start of your trip.


Trip Cancellation Insurance & Emergency Medical / Mountain Rescue Insurance

Everyone joining us for our Sorcerer Lodge Weeks should have the above Insurance Coverage. If you are not a resident of Canada you will need to top up you coverage to what is commonly provided by the Canadian Government to it's citizents. Costs for emergency medical evacuation is not covered by many underwriters. It is more than prudent to ensure you have this coverage prior to departure for our week. You or your insurance company will solely bear all costs for emergency medical care or evacuation due to illness or injury that Cloud Nine Guides initiates on your behalf. It is not uncommon that these costs will be in excess of $10,000-$15,000 CDN. Please insure yourselves adequately.


US Citizens & Emergency Medical / Rescue Insurance

An $80 membership in the American Alpine Club gives you coverage for this. It’s the cheapest and best way to get some insurance for the whole year. Just go ahead and get a membership. It’s good to support the club as well.    

Contact the American Alpine club at



After you have reviewed our equipment list and visited our suggested Medical & Rescue Insurance underwriter, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any quesitons regarding the trip.