Private Backcountry Ski Guiding

Canadian Backcountry Ski & Split Guiding Services

Our private Backcountry Ski Touring and Splitboard Guiding Programs are for those with goals and aspirations that fall outside of our scheduled packages, trips or courses. The trips are built from the ground up to fully meet your needs.


The first step is to get in touch with us to discuss your goals and objectives. Once the conversation gets started, we can help suggest options and suggest ways of ensuring the trip will be put together to meet exactly your needs. From here the trip is set in motion by starting the logistical, pre-trip planning and preparation. These trips are full service affairs where we arrange everything from start to finish, you simply arrive on Day 1 of your program and the rest is taken care of.


Get in touch with us today to put together your next backcountry trip of a lifetime here in our home ranges of Western Canada.


International Private Guiding Services

Our guides have experience running backcountry skiing and splitboard programs all over the world. From Alaska to Japan to the European Alps we have designed customized ski programs for skiers and riders the world over.

Our international trips are subject to a host of logistical related costs not present in our domestic programs, and we often adjust our day rate accordingly to allow feasibility in the program for our guests. Drop us a line if you'd like to kick some tires.








Guide : Guest Ratios (Canada & Intl.)

The routes and complexity of the terrain you want to access will largely dictate how many people we can accomodate per guide on your trip. Big and complex mountain terrain, we often guide at a maximum of 1:6 ratios, while less complex, or terrain that is very well known to our guiding team, we can allow for guide to guest ratios up to 1:8. Get in touch with us for clarification on this relitive to your objective.


Surcharges for Longer Complex Routes (Canada & Intl.)

For objectives that will take extended amounts of time and energy to complete, there may be a surcharge applied to the booking. Often times after guiding these routes, your guide will require a day of rest after the trip due to the physical nature of guding these bigger objectives. This also ensures that when you hire us, your guide will be arriving for your day strong and well rested for the trip. Surcharges start at $200.00 CDN. Days that exceed 15 hours in length, where pitched climbing exceeds 700m in length, or the commitment grade is IV or above, are good examples of where this surcharge may apply.