Summer - Single Day Adventures in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise & Jasper

Hiring A Cloud Nine Guide - Single Day Summer Adventures


Summer in the Canadian Rockies is an exciting time. As the animals come out of hibernation for the winter and the valleys come back to life. We see the towns come to life and the trails become filled with people looking for an adventure and beautiful scenery. There are hundreds of options in the area for single day trips, making it hard to choose sometimes. We can help you complete an adventure that is new and exciting for you. 


Let our professional, ACMG certified guides take you on your next adventure through the Canadian Rockies. With Mountain Guides on staff who have not only competed on the international stage as climbers, or those who maintain personal standards well into the 5.14 range, many come from a range of academic backgrounds and hold masters degrees in a variety of fields outside of their full time Guiding work. Our tight knit crew pride ourselves on a sense of humility and an ability to be understanding caring and compassionate to the needs of our Guests, and most of all enjoyable to share your time with.


Below you will find a list of our offerings at Cloud Nine Guides. From our favourite hikes to our favourite climbs, all taking place in the Canadian Rockies. 


Our Most Popular - Begginer to Avanced Day Programs:

Guided Heli-Hiking
Guided Day Hiking
Rock Climbing Experience
Sulphur Mountain Skyline
Eisenhower Tower


Private Guiding - Customized Trip Design for Individuals & Groups:

Private Mountain Guiding & Instruction
Designed specifically with incredible care and attention to detail to match your required timelines, goals and chosen objectives. Our Private Trips and Ascents are what we're know for, with experience designing and providing programs on 5 continents


Get In Touch:

Unsure about the best program for you? Our Guest Experience Manager is in house daily to discuss and provide you with the answers to any questions relating to our offerings.
Email Our Guest Expereince Manager - they are here to help ensure that any program you book with us is well matched to your interests and abilities and will achive your goals and objectives during your time with us.