Crevasse Rescue Skills Course - 2 Days

Crevasse Rescue Systems Taught by our Team of IFMGA Guides


Crevasse Rescue is an essential skill set for those looking to travel in glaciated terrain. Understanding glacier morphology, crevasse patterns, mountain navigation and choosing appropriate routes in the field are all used proactively as the most effective ways to reduce chances of a crevasse fall. 
These proactive measures do not however entirely eliminate the risk crevasses present - the skills learned on this 2 day course become your backstop, when you've taken all measures possible to avoid trouble. Our crevasse rescue course teaches you how to respond safely and efficiently after one of your team has fallen in either roped or un-roped. 


Learn To:

  • Arrest a crevasse fall for a roped-up team member
  • Create "rescue quality" anchors in both snow and ice
  • Transfer the victims load to your anchor
  • Approach the lip of the crevasse, assess, and create a plan
  • Build a 2:1 Drop Loop System
  • Haul an able bodied climber out of a crevasse
  • Rappel to, and haul an injured climber out of a crevasse
  • Add mechanical advantage for more hauling power
  • Rescue a victim who has fallen in un-roped using a direct haul system (3:1)

Based from the Columbia Icefields, the Athabasca Glacier provides easy access to heavily crevassed terrain. Students should expect to have the opportunity to learn the skills required for all independant components of the rescue system and recieve coaching and feedback from our Guides on each.

An essential course for skiers, splitboarders and alpinists looking to expand the mountain terrain they can access.







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Is This Course For You? 


This course does not require high levels of cardiovascular fitness. Your travel days will be short, and limited to approx. 30min in approaching the crevasses at both start and end of your days. The hauling system does require some level of physical strength. We suggest students be comfortable lifting weights of 20-30 lbs multiple times in succession prior to signing up for the program.





Pricing & What's Included:


This course is priced at $375.00 CDN / student. We offer accommodation and meal plans which can be purchased at time of booking. Transportation to and from the Icefields is not included, and guests are responsible for their own entry passes to the National Parks for the duration of the program. Technical equipment is included in the cost of your course booking however students are encouraged to bring their own equipment.