The Bugaboos Ascents - 3 & 5 Day Programs


The Bugaboos are without rival. The best and most accesible alpine granite climbing area in Canada. The steep walls and ridges of Bugaboo, Snowpatch and Pidgeon Spires as well as the Howser Towers are what hold the attention of most of our guests. The area however, is also home to numerous moderate mountaineering and scrambling objectives which allow for good alternate options during periods of inclement weather. 


It's often best to book at least 3 days for a trip here, and most commonly we spend 5 to 6 days out with our guests in the area. The Bugaboo climbing season (usually) falls between mid June and late September with the best months being July and August. This will be dictated somewhat by the previous winter's snowpack depths and the arrival of summer's warm weather. Many of the routes outside the Crescent Basin require travel up and down the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col - later in the season increased rockfall hazard can make this impossible and alternate options may need to be considered. Get in touch with us for more current and updated conditions and best times to book for this coming season. 


Our guides consistently operate for weeks at a time in the Bugaboos each season and have a current and working knowledge of the best routes, peaks and their condition. For those with a love of climbing rock, "The Bugs" will no doubt be a contender for the trip of a lifetime!





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Is This Trip For You?


The Bugaboos can provide everything from comfortable day hikes to some of the hardest 
alpine rock routes in the world. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone. For the 
technical rock ascents, expect full days, early starts, and climbing at or above 3000m which 
can all be taxing both physically and mentally. Longer objectives will require excellent 
stamina and fitness to be completed safely. Please ask for clarification if required. Hiking 
and backpacking trips in the area are also available, please contact us for details.


What's Included


Pricing includes Guiding Services, Out-trip meals, and reservations for our stay at the Conrad Kain Hut (if applicable). It also includes the use of our new, technical equipment excluding mountaineering boots which you will need to provide on your own. The trip does not include accommodation prior to, or after the program.


Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. Please visit the Simpson Group for more information on their insurance products.


Guide to Guest Ratios

1:1 - Many of the long complex routes in the Bugaboos can only be guided at a ratio of 1 Guide per Client. These routes may also incur a peak surcharge*.
1:2 - Many Routes in the Bugaboos can still be guided at a ratio of 1 Guide per 2 Guests.


Please ask for clarification regarding your proposed objectives, if we've not already mentioned it.