Canmore Flooding - Town in State of Emergency

Hello Mountain Friends,


Due to recent flooding in Cougar Creek and the imposed travel restrictions, and limited access to both mobile or internet communication we want to let our Guest know that response times to their calls and emails may be longer than normal. Our programs this weekend will likely be postponed or cancelled, and we'll be getting in touch with guests for programs coming up this week to discuss options.


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New Shipment of Guest Equipment Arrives!

We replace our equipment frequently, and the gear we have available for our guests to use on our programs gets cycled out just as often. We do it becasue we want our guests to have total confidence in the equipment we use to take them up into the heights. 

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Summer 2013 & The New Website

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to check out the new site! We're pretty pumped to have it up and running (finally!) and hope it gives you all a good source of psych for planning your next trip! 


We'll be posting trip reports and conditions and photos here on the blog as well as our Facebook Page as a reference for the public. 


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