Trip & Conditions Report / Mount Assiniboine, August 10-14


Penny Goddard and I guided father and son dream team Tom and Wilson on a five day Mount Assiniboine trip this week.


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Trip & Conditions Report - Bugaboos / August 2-5, 2016

Bugaboos Conditions and Trip Report     Aug 2-5, 2016


I just returned from another Buggaboos Trip. Once again we were treated to a full range of conditions, from T-shirt lounging weather to a chilling, windy evening that had us cooking while wrapped in our sleeping bags.

The mixed weather kept things quiet at Applebee, there was plenty of room and all the tent sites are now snow free.

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Trip & Conditions Report / BUGABOOS! July 19-23

Just returned from a 5 day trip to the Buggaboos, July 19th-23rd. Weather 

was generally unsettled, with the reality generally being a bit wetter than
the forecasts would have us believe. Despite this, 
with a can do attitude
we were able to stand on top of some fun mountains! 


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Trip & Conditions Report / Mount Fay & Neil Colgan Hut / June 21-23


The following was submitted by one of our Guides returning tonight from the Neil Colgan Hut and an ascent of Mount Little above the Hut. Poor weather, warming and loose-wet avalanches would have been likely to trigger, running to size 2.0 were all immediate concerns. Thankfully, with some delicate use of the terrain, the team was still able to summit Mount Little during the trip.


June 21st:

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