Conditions Report - Mount Alberta Summit Success, Japanese Route. August 2017.


Hey All, 


A quick set of conditions updates from Simon Meis' recent trip in to Guide an ascent of the Japanese Route on Mount Alberta. A bit congratulations to both Simon and our Guest Andrea Koenig on a successful summit on August 11th!


From Simon:


I guided one client up the Japanese Route on Mount Alberta a week ago reaching the summit on August 11th.

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Conditions Report - Bugaboos, Sir Sanford, Adamants & Gothics, Abbots Pass / July 28th, 2017.





Hi Everyone, 

Just a couple updates from a few areas we've visited in the last week and a half or so.


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Trip & Conditions Report - Rockies Ice / Near Miss

Just back from a few days chasing climbable ice on the parkway with a couple of gems, Phil Widmer and Greg McKee. We spent a night at Rampart Creek after exploring routes in Haffner Creek, and in and around Field BC as well as further north up the Icefields Parkway. Climbed a bit, got scared a lot, and told lies with Ken - the custodian and fixture up at Rampart. All in all a beauty of an early season trip.


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