Conditions Report - Mount Alberta Summit Success, Japanese Route. August 2017.


Hey All, 


A quick set of conditions updates from Simon Meis' recent trip in to Guide an ascent of the Japanese Route on Mount Alberta. A bit congratulations to both Simon and our Guest Andrea Koenig on a successful summit on August 11th!


From Simon:


I guided one client up the Japanese Route on Mount Alberta a week ago reaching the summit on August 11th.

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Conditions Report - Bugaboos, Sir Sanford, Adamants & Gothics, Abbots Pass / July 28th, 2017.





Hi Everyone, 

Just a couple updates from a few areas we've visited in the last week and a half or so.


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Trip & Conditions Report - Rockies Ice / Near Miss

Just back from a few days chasing climbable ice on the parkway with a couple of gems, Phil Widmer and Greg McKee. We spent a night at Rampart Creek after exploring routes in Haffner Creek, and in and around Field BC as well as further north up the Icefields Parkway. Climbed a bit, got scared a lot, and told lies with Ken - the custodian and fixture up at Rampart. All in all a beauty of an early season trip.


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Trip & Conditions Report / Mount Assiniboine, August 10-14


Penny Goddard and I guided father and son dream team Tom and Wilson on a five day Mount Assiniboine trip this week.


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Trip & Conditions Report - Bugaboos / August 2-5, 2016

Bugaboos Conditions and Trip Report     Aug 2-5, 2016


I just returned from another Buggaboos Trip. Once again we were treated to a full range of conditions, from T-shirt lounging weather to a chilling, windy evening that had us cooking while wrapped in our sleeping bags.

The mixed weather kept things quiet at Applebee, there was plenty of room and all the tent sites are now snow free.

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