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Lethbridge Local, 14 Year Old Truman Westrop, this week with the Cloud Nine Crew.
Overhead Days in October are here!



To The Cloud Nine Community:


While we very much appreciate the requests for AST Course Dates in Southern Alberta this season, we're pleased to be able to open both AST 1 & AST 2 Course offerings for the 2021 New Year! To follow are a few details, and answers to FAQ's that we're hoping might help you in both planning a preparing for an upcoming course.



Course Dates: 


Currently we've opened 2 Lethbridge Course dates for the AST 1, and one AST 2 Course Date in addition.


AST 1 Courses will be available on the following: 

  • January 9th & 11th, 2021 (Note this is a split course, with the Classroom day taking place on the 9th, and field day taking place on the 11th - A Saturday and Monday split)

  • January 12th & 13th, 2021

AST 2 Courses will be available currently as follows:

  • January 14th - 17th, 2021


Course Locations: 


For our AST 1 Course offerings, our Classroom Day will be Lethbridge based, while our field day will likely be based in or between the Waterton and Castle Mountain Resort areas, depending on conditions. 

For our AST 2 Course, our Classroom Day will be Lethbridge based as well, and our field days based from Fernie, BC.


As an option to all our students this season, we are offering two options for the first day our our programs; students will be welcome to join us remotely via Zoom Meeting, or to attend a physical classroom location as they prefer.  


Group Discount Programs Available: 


Book as a group and save. If you're not eligible for our other discount programs this season, the easiest way to save on your AST 1 & AST 2 Course Costs with us is to register as a group. Savings of up to 15% per student are available on our Lethbridge based Courses! 

Want to make it happen? Here's what you need to do:

Email us at the office at guest.exp@cloudnineguides.com, and let us know how many group members you are thinking of booking with.
Based on your group size, we'll confirm the discount amount with you once you've touched base. Group discounts range from 5-15%.
Prior to booking, we require a list of all participants who will be be registering with your group.
We ask that group bookings, where participants are submitting seperate registrations, be recieved inside 48hrs. This helps ensure the right discount amount is being applied to your order, as well as ensures all group members are booked and attending the same program date as well as our virtural or physical classroom options.
Recieve a booking confirmation after registration and payment, and we'll be in touch with your group 7 days in advance of your course to pass on final logistics. We're here and available at any point between your booking and course dates to connect on any questions that you or the group have arise.


COVID19 & The AST Programs: 


In short, and as breifly mentioned above we're providing 2 options (at present) for you to choose from. You can book your course and attend a phycical classroom location, or you can attend virtually via Zoom Meeting for the first day of the course. We have been using this platform over the summer on a variety of programs with groups of up to 40 students in size with great success in curriculum delivery. While it may feel like an unnessecary "new normal" for some, we firmly believe that continuing to do our part to reduce the risk of COVID and viral transmission should be a continued priority. 


For those wishing to book a Private Program, groups booking as a "cohort group" will have the option to attend either a physical classroom location with your Guides / Instructors, or to elect to take the course via Zoom Meeting as described above and have the option to choose dates of their choice independant of our open Public Programs. Private Groups consisting of a minimum of 4 participants will be eligible for a group discount - contact our office for more details at guest.exp@cloudnineguides.com




We are on track to have one of the busiest AST Course Seasons in a decade. Excited to see you all out there this winter, and to meet a new crew of students for the upcoming season. Keep an eye out for our brand new website and other Southern Alberta course offerings coming late November early December 2020. 

If you'd like more information, or are ready to book your AST 1 or AST 2 Course with us this season, check ou the program pages here:





From all the Guides and Staff here Cloud Nine, we wish you a deep and safe upcoming season in the backcountry!


Drop us a line anytime. Questions? Want to kick our tires? We're here to talk shop.





All the best,

The C9G's