AST 2 Course

Alpine Club of Canada SoAB Section - AST 2 Partner Courses


Welcome to the Cloud Nine Guides & SoAB Section Partner AST 2 Course Lethbridge / Fernie!


Please read on for information on the courses planned for this coming season, including pricing, itinerary, and booking information. Note - you will need to obtain a promo code from the SoAB Section Leadership to be eligible for SUBSIDIZED PRICING. You can enter this promo code at checkout during registration. Once your registration has been submitted, your section membership will be verified. The Promo Code is for the use of current SoAB Section Members only. Non Members who register using the Promo Code agree to be retroactivley charged for the subsidy amount. 


During a combination of classroom and field sessions, participants should expect to be fully involved in the day to day decision making on course, with the support and feedback of your IFMGA / ACMG Certified Guide. Our curriculum is based on nationally standardized curriculum from the Canadian Avalanche Centre. We take that a big step further and specifically focus on delivering a program to our students that is relevant to the current trends in free-skiing, split-boarding and technical alpine and ice climbing in avalanche terrain.


Field days have a heavy focus on getting students into the lead and making decisions on the move at the front of the group (if they're willing to do so). Our Guides will introduce a variety of new snow stability tests, as well as a more advanced snowpack analysis skills and their application, not previously introduced on the AST 1 Programs.


Students will leave the course feeling confident and strong in their ability to make more independent decisions in more complicated avalanche terrain, and contribute more effectively to a group using and accessing winter avalanche terrain.



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Is The AST 2 Course For You?


The AST 1 Course is a prerequisite for the AST 2.

The AST 2 Course requires that students have *all day hiking / walking
fitness in the mountains and are able to keep that up over 4 days. The primary
focus of the AST 2 is to begin to incorporate the experience they have aquired
since the AST 1 into their pre-trip and field based decision making. Specifically
the AST 2 focuses on skills needed to make exceptions in the rule based systems
learned in the AST 1 when current conditions or terrain are not in line with either
the public avalanche bulletins or terrain ratings found in their pre-trip planning.